Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tanya or TOMMY?! I can't tell...

Why is it that so many women out here have this hardcore, masculine, don't need a man, "I will slice you" mentality? **NEWSFLASH**, You are scaring men off. LITERALLY.

It is so funny I was JUST talking with a friend of mine (who is male) who says he went on a date with this girl recently, he kept bumping into while he was out. He was like "DEE, shawty was something serious! Had me imagining having kids and everything just off the physical" SMH ...

Anyway, he says he took her to this nice restaurant in Chelsea, and everything was great until she started loosening up after the 3rd glass of wine and starting being "herself". She was talking about how she gonna smack some girl at another table in the restaurant because she kept looking at their table, then as she was talking she kept pounding her fists out after every sentence and every other word was being delivered like she was playing the role of "Tommy" in Belly.

All my friend could do was just act like she was one of the dudes, and let the night go on. He clearly never called her again and even though he said he would have loved to have "sampled it" since she was sooo hot, he could not take his mind there based on her masculine qualities. She was not "Delicate" enough for he said.

I have been hearing this a lot now from men and I do not know if ladies are aware of this, when they are doing it. Classic scenario is a guy sees this beautiful woman and she opens her mouth and it is like you are talking to "Ronnie and nem" up the block. She is saying "That n*** this, and YO son, and pounding her fists after every word, and every word is f** and mother **** that"

This is just so not cool!

I happen to know a lot of girls/women, and I love most of I must say out of all the ladies I know and kick it with, only 3 come to mind who I would say " Yea, so and so is real hardcore and will lay you out, and it shows" Most if not all of the women around me act like ladies, and they are not fighters. They will handle their business if need be but they are not LOOKING for fights, looking to provoke any, or get a kick out of that type of behavior.

I am not saying us ladies don't sometimes curse and express ourselves, but to be loud, boisterous and over the top with that even is really not attractive to men at all. UNLESS, maybe your man is one of the OG's in your hood, in which case most men like this and love them a "rough hardcore misses"....*blank stares*

If you want you a good, respectable, clean cut FINE most of us do, you should not be carrying yourself so BRUTE at all...I don't care what anyone says.

In addition to that, all that " I don't need a man" jargon is played too! If you are not a lesbian and you like men, then why wouldn't you want a man to make you FEEL like a woman in every possible way? Those words will never come out of my mouth because I guess I have been tooo blessed to know the fabulousness that accompanies having a GOOD MAN in your life! NO WAY!

I am not saying I "NEED" him to be who I am...and I am not advocating that to ladies in anyway that you NEED a man to complete you or validate your existence...of course not! What you do need though is to feel alive and have certain sensors and nerve endings in your woman makeup stroked every now and then, and its nothing wrong with that at all. So stop saying you don't NEED it and WANT it.

I know some women have children and they have no help from the men who made them at all, I know some women lack having a male figure to support and play that role in their life in various areas, so they have to play it. Sometimes it is hard for some women to come out of that role, because they play it all the time, so when they do have the company of a man around, they are just being who they always have to be. I do think that being conscious of it helps a great deal.

Maya Angelou says in her Poem "In all ways a Woman".....

"Being a woman is hard work. Not without joy and even ecstasy, but still relentless, unending work.

Becoming an old female may require only being born with certain genitalia, inheriting long-living genes and the fortune not to be run over by an out-of-control truck, but to become and remain a woman command the existence and employment of genius"

Ladies BE LADIES! BE FIERCE and Keep yourself on that THRONE high!



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