Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In the name of love....

She loved him so she tried it. She only thought that he would be the beginning of her days and the ends to her nights for the rest of her life. She was in pure bliss and leap bounding passion every time she smelled his scent around her, she anticipated every meeting they scheduled, she longed to be kissed by him. How could she have known that surrendering to one of the most natural Utopia's (LOVE) would produce her demise.

It started when he brought it home. He was stressed and it helped him, so why wouldn't it help her? She didn't think twice about the effects...the risks, nor did she think of herself, because with him she never did. He always came first. She inhales the poison...her beautiful lips pull, at the age of 25 she is really a beauty , perfect skin, beautiful high cheek bones, wavy long black hair that touches the middle of her back. She had the type of beauty you only see in mythical stories.

He always felt like he did good choosing her. But everything else was not going great. Work was stressful, he didn't feel like he was as good as the others, everyone loosing their jobs, he felt like he was next. If this were to happen how could he afford the 1.3 million dollar condo they kept on the upper West Side overlooking the Hudson. The extravagant lifestyle he so easily fitted into and got his lady accustomed to quite fast. The trips to Gucci, the Giuseppe purchases, the vacations in paradise. It was all too much, and when he pulled on that pipe it all seem to disappear. The worries, the anger, the fear, the failure!

"Here baby, fly with me" he hands her the pipe...She joins him in their short term heaven...not knowing their destination ends in hell.

I see her...she used to be so beautiful! DAMN...Now she twitches....her face is sunken in and looks like skin that has been wet for too long...similar to a prune. She used to be a STAR now she gives off no light at all. Its hurts to watch. I cannot give her money because I will aid her in reaching her fate faster...so I opt to just buy her a meal every now and then. "Damn Dee....I thought we were peoples". I love you too much....so we are!

He is long gone, Dead....She has been been left to suffer with an addiction that will have her follow him shortly. Unlesss....She chooses to LIVE.

I hate drugs! I hate the toil it takes on our sisters, bothers, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, children!

I love you all! Be thankful!


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Rho said...

All I can say is WOW.