Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So....as many already know, and maybe some don't, one of my closest girls Ms. Brie Strickland, got engaged on Saturday May 2, 2009. I have witnessed one other proposal in my whole life, and it did not measure to what I saw, sitting in a Thai restaurant in Williamsburg this past Saturday!

Maybe it was because I was watching a woman who I love so dearly, cry her eyes out because she never thought, this would happen to her. Maybe it is because I know the groom so well, and respect his loyalty, commitment, and dedication to making her happy EVERYDAY, all the time. Maybe it is because I was surrounded by folks who I knew genuinely wanted that moment to be PERFECT, and maybe I just was soo incredibly moved, touched and inspired by seeing LOVE happen right in front of my eyes, that, that moment definitely goes down in the history books.

Yes, I have been in love, Yes I know love well. Yet, even being able to say "I know love", I haven't met love in that way, to that capacity as I witnessed Saturday, since I have never been engaged, and that moment is something to celebrate, cherish and remember, especially when it is done so well, as it was done by my friend Ricky Dacosta.

These two have had a long courtship and they deserve every ounce of satisfaction and enjoyment of each other throughout the planning of this union. I am honored and overly excited to be a part of this ceremony that happens next year, and even more excited to share and bask in my sister girl's joy with her.

I noticed that when I posted pictures of their beautiful day online, so many people responded "Black Love is alive" "Black Love is beautiful". WOW! At first glance you look at that and you say, "yea isn't it", then you realize... "Damn...are they saying this because it is such a rarity to see, that when it is seen, it is an occasion". Whatever the reason behind the comment. I agree 100%.

I agree that Black Love, Asian Love, Hispanic Love, Russian Love, Indian Love, Greek Love, Italian Love, Peruvian Love, Brazilian Love, and every other form of LOVE that exists in this sphere we co-exist in, is something that holds the secret to our purpose! We are LOVE. We Live for LOVE and when we can capture it, and appreciate it, and acknowledge it for what it is, as my boy did this weekend, it is magical.

This was no movie, this was REAL LIFE, and you felt it. The sincerity and the genuineness.

I wish my sister and her new hubby to be, the most amazing and enlightening journey together. They will learn, grow, kiss, eat, share, laugh, advise, smile, whisper, touch, and bask in each other for the rest of their lives! It's their only option!
Love you Brie and Ricky!!!!

Have a wonderful loving day FAM! I love you!


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Ms. Nancy said...

CONGRATS TO BRIE AND RICKY!!! Anyone who has been around them can see the love emulating from their pores together.. its a beautiful thing. I think they're the cutest couple :-)
Deandra this was an excellent Blog, gave me mushy goosebumps all over!
Be Blessed everyone!!!!