Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"But what I said was....

From the beginning of time people have somehow tangled themselves in the "He said" "She said" TANGO. It started in Kindergarten when the little boy took your blocks and said "Jeremy did it"...You then were madd and sticking your tongue out at Jeremy, and Jeremy hasn't a clue why. It is all part of the game.

This is not so innocent and easy when you are an adult and your ego can sometimes be at the center of your life, and you have the ability to two-piece somebody instantly and drop them where they stand! BUT....It happens everyday.

The worst part of people just running their mouths so much is that they sometimes forget that someones character is at risk, and when you say certain things you just cannot take it back. It is like a 1st degree Burn on your skin. The discoloration will always be visible even after it has healed.

Everyone has an opinion, it is where that opinion was birthed from that can give off the bad vibe. Was it birthed from hate, jealousy, confusion, Deceit, Rage, Concern..etc. We cannot please EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. It is just a false hope and is not realistic on any level.

Someone will ALWAYS have something to say and will always have their outlook on what it is YOU do. I have found that it is the most rewarding when you can find that friend who can tell you to your face no holds barred how they truly feel and how they would like to HELP make it better.

Being Honest, authentic and 100 with people sounds easy, but it isn't. People will ALWAYS take the easy route and run from saying what is really on their mind. Sometimes this is good, because if someone is not close to you or does not play a intricate part in your life, then their honesty might not hold as much weight as someone who does.

I for one, just can always be in a space of gratitude when honesty surrounds me and a person can SAY what they really feel and if they Really said something or felt a way, they can say that too. Since this is how I live.

Live honest! Speak UP! Watch your life truly unfold....embrace it.



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The Social Mogul said...

Morailty is a private and costly luxury...many people choose to deal with such no-win situations by deciding whats right in the moment,according to their circumstances. PEOPLE dont know how to LOVE people Effectivily..At some point generations ago-LOVE was the only viable standard for determining right from wrong....Now what you think people will do if they dont love themselves