Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Show me your consistency, and I will tell you what you are worth.

CONSISTENCY! That's the name of the game. I don't care what you relate this to in your life...career,love,spirituality,physical up keep....Being consistent is what will always help you staying ON TOP of your game.

When you think back to school days, the teacher would always say to the students "you are doing half the job by just showing up", the funny thing is, a lot of people would not even come to school everyday ...they could not even remain consistent with coming to school. As we get older and start to hold jobs and careers, some of us don't even remain consistent in getting to work on time, focusing on what we are there to do, and analyzing HOW to get the position or upgrade we want. We lose sight of it all through distractions, (phone, Internet, people, radio etc). Then we start complaining about WHY we have to do this job, and you easily fall into a slump. The part you don't know is that ITS NOTICED by your co-workers and your supervisors when this happens. They can tell when you do not care, and when you are no longer consistent with the reason why you were hired in the first place.

In love and relationships..New Love is always the best feeling in the world. Makes you feel like you are floating on a fluffy cloud every second of your days. You yearn to spend time with that special person, You think of them constantly. Everyday you write love letters in your mind about that special someone, and you send it to their heart and they receive it some way, because you are both sooo connected. Let's say you take it up a notch and marry each other, and after 2 years of bliss, sometimes shorter, you realize, out the blue, the romance stops. The star gazing in each others eyes is non existent. You are looking for escape mechanisms rather than trying to come up with ways to BE around that person. You are no longer consistent in the love that you built, and it now is weakening and you lost a grip on what was the foundation of why you decided to share your life with this person to begin with.

When it comes to our spiritual lives, its easy to get "lazy" and not put all your time and energy into what you committed to do. No matter what your religion is, who you pray to and what you believe in. It is the consistency you have within that relationship with your higher being, that will give you solace and allow you to continue to have a focus and positive energy driving your life. You need to be consistent in your prayers and keeping others in them. Need to be consistent in living right and having thoughts that are aligned with being great. You need to be consistent with the company you keep and making sure it adds on to you in ways that matter for your spirit.

Lastly, our appearance and physical well being is all determined on how consistent we are with the up keep. If you don't eat right, stay active and you treat your physical shell as a non-priority then it will be. This is always the most interesting thing to me with women especially. They complain about how much weight they are gaining, what they need to do. Some will have their plan written down to a tee, with how much calorie in take they need, when they need to go running and to the gym, along with portion control, and then you see this plan in affect for 2 weeks maybe. The next thing you know, you notice their car at the drive-thru, or you see them stretched out on the couch after eating way too late and they are falling asleep.

Then there are the men and women who just don't put any effort into their physical appearance at all anymore because they feel "they good". They let hairs grow in places that they clearly shouldn't (EWWW), they don't wash their hair, they don't shave, they don't "get dressed", they don't care! They are inconsistent with their own physical well being, but remember what we are on the outside is a total reflection on how we feel about ourselves on the inside.

My point is to say...If you have the discipline to remain CONSISTENT in most areas of your life, you would see a change in yourself and your world almost instantly. It works and it is so worth it. Someone special in my life has taught me what it really means to remain consistent ALL THE TIME. He may not know he was teaching me a lesson, but he does every day, I love him for it.

Stay on top of your A game always people. Cross your T's and dot your i's. If you start something ... make sure you finish it. Keep your word and live with integrity.

Make today COUNT!


valava26 said...

Excellent Dee..;-).. Ladies make sure to wash ya a$$!..lmao

dj FINESSE said...

WOW!!! amazing.. this is the key to my life and business success. great job lady dee. xoxo