Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Art=Creativity=Inspiration=LOVE.. & LOVE... = will you ever know?

Why do we love?

Why do we yearn for it?

It holds us captive to a world that is never seen, never realized, never fully able to reach its potential..OR DOES IT?

How could you love someone sooo much for them not to reciprocate it in the way you gave it to them? How could you sacrifice so much of your life and time to one person for them to walk all over your deposit to their soul?

Then...what happens to the woman who waits for love...for this...invasion of disturbs takes you off your allows you to be are a prisoner to it's wave..but you wanna ride it. Why not? You love the feeling, and if you fall off...then...who care's. You will cross that bridge when it comes...Yes. You are living irresponsibly to a are riding in a Ferrari at 120 miles per hour with no seat belt..that is the feeling.

TRUST...That is what keeps you sitting down. Holding on. FAITH...that is what comforts your worries and reassures your heart that maybe this wont BREAK. It wont crumble into a million small pieces and you feel it in the pit of your stomach each day.

Love is too complicated Avril once said...What does she know...she was a teenager when she sang that song...yet she was right...Why does it have to be soo complicated.

Why does hate and jealousy run free when LOVE is present?

Why can't we all embrace and encourage LOVE?

We should WANT to see each other happy, finding that special mate to end our sentences, kiss our foreheads, wipes our tears, hold our hands, rub our cheeks, whisper in our ears...

LOVE ...DAMN....

When will we understand your intentions?

I don't think we have reached it yet. The world keeps living and we keep going...and LOVE will always be on a mission to grab us once more...before we turn our backs on it for the last time.

"DON'T HURT ME"! I love you...LOVE!

I was inspired to write this through ART. Through watching someone's story unfold, and watching love never reach its full potential! Such is Life.

Have the courage to LOVE again!

Love Responsibly. She didn't deserve for her love to go in vain.....

Thank you Sydney Pollack! *winks*

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