Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We gonna party like it's your birthday....

As many know my birthday was this past Saturday! It was really a good time. Anyone who knows me knows that I think Birthdays are the most special occasions there are. I think they should always be celebrated on some level, and they most definitely should be acknowledged by your close friends and family.

I make it a staple to ALWAYS have something planned for my birthday, even if I have to organize it because I want to show myself how grateful, adored and loved I am by ME if no one else.

This year, since I have some of the most amazing friends, my boy Vic and My girl Brie threw my B-day Party, and I did not have to do anything really. I came up with a list and for the most part, other than a location change, everything went smoothly. Many people came out to support (bearing gifts I might add - always makes me cheese) and we let the "spirits" take over. Yes...many of us were inebriated beyond belief, but we had a great time!

I love the idea of when birthday's come around it is like a universal code to let someone do and say and act in anyway they want because...."it is there day". I was given that privilege this weekend and I LOVED IT! It is like being pregnant for one day. Any women who has experienced pregnancy knows that you pretty much get away with any and everything when you are pregnant.

This blog is just to thank every single one of you who came out and supported me and showed me some love. If I knew you for 15 years or 5 or 5 months...you are so special in my life, and the memories we made that night will last forever.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

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