Thursday, June 4, 2009

"She keeps on passsing mmeee byyyyy"

SO....I live in this apartment building in Brooklyn. (No its not Projects, for all my BK HATERS). When I first moved in, and I have spoken about this before, I rarely spoke to any of my neighbors because I felt like I was being "watched" all the time anyway. I am the most friendliest, conversationalist you wanna meet, but when it comes to where I rest my head...I try to stay a little ambiguous.

So that sort of changes once you see the same people for 5 years...I see their children growing...getting big, I see some of them have Cancer, age, I see divorces and then they see my baby growing..and you realize...Damn, you wanna speak. You wanna say "WOW, look at how big he is"..."How are you?" "I haven't seen you in awhile" "Are you OK, I heard the commotion last night *side eye*" ANYWAY...

Within the past 2 years a lot of new folks have moved in and moved out. There was this one girl, who I will call "Miss Thang" who was very cute who moved in up the hall with her BFF last summer. She was one of those girls that would turn any man's head, nice body, nice face, long hair, you know....and she would see me and look at me and keep it moving...even though we were really neighbors on the same floor.

Of course this did not shock me because I am so used to women being "socially stank" with other women in their caliber, and usually I would just break through it, but as I said since this was my "living quarters" I let it go.

So...she would give me her blank stares here and there and I would even see her on the train coming home and she could be in the same car as me and we would ride together and she STILL wouldn't crack a smile or forward...

I am in the elevator one morning and her room mate who looks JUST like Teairra Marie, says "Hi you doing"? I was like "Hey". Then she went on to talk to me about some other random things. I was very confused. Granted me and this girl never been in the elevator together, but being that she was "Miss Thang's" roommate I never expected her to speak since I know for sure that she knows who I am.

Nonetheless, she spoke and from that day on we spoke and we spoke and we spoke. Next thing I know, Miss Thang, is pregnant, and I could not help but say "CONGRATS" to her in the elevator one day. fast forward even and Miss Thang from that day on ended up fostering a pretty cool rapport and I just saw her beautiful baby girl in the hallway right before I wrote this blog.

Her baby is the cutest thing, and she and I spoke for a long time. It just goes to show you that no matter how hard you try sometimes to stay clear of something you have no choice but to be connected to it on some level, if its meant to be that way. You can try your best to avoid a person, or a thing for a long time, but if it is meant to play a part in your world, it will catch you and it just pays to smile anyway throughout the process.


Have a great weekend!