Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love thy Neighbor

I remember when I used to work at the New York Times, this young lady and I ( who I will refrain from saying her name) would go to lunch and talk every day about everything under the sun. She was sometimes my bright patch in a dull, non interesting day. I think of her because when she and I would get together, and we still sometimes do, no matter what I am feeling, how bad the day was or what I had going on, she can make me smile, and realize "It's not that bad".

Some people have the adverse affects on you unfortunately. If you are down and out they can make you actually feel worst if that is possible. How they do this is mainly based on the fact that they are miserable themselves, but if you know that in advance then you are able to stay clear.

Anyway...If I were to complain about something or wish something did not happen the way it did, she would say to me "Oh Dee, Stop Crying". I used to get a little bothered like "I am not crying, but don't I have the right to be annoyed"? "No you don't, you think you have problems check out your neighbor". How right she was, and what a lesson she taught me indirectly without even knowing she taught it to me.

When I usually check out "my neighbor" I realize that yes they have just as many problems, and many times they are 10 times worst. I do not know if it is because we are so INTO ourselves that we can not usually see how self absorbed and petty we are when it comes to little things concerning us, or is it really the end of the world?

I have learned that it is never the end of the world..whatever goes down will eventually come up and times and life are like a roller coaster, but that is fine. It is all about how you MAN UP while you are on that ride. Will you scream to the top of your lungs with your eyes closed and not look at the threatening heights, the falls, the drops...or will you hold on tight, be a little cautious at times but still pay witness and respect the process.

People are a very important aspect of who we are and how we deal. Many people like to say they don't need nobody. They can do it on their own. Them and that's it. I disagree...Life will be boring, you will miss out on gems and you will not build the most important thing while on earth...meaningful and impactful relationships.

Be Genuine with people and give them your all when you feel that it is right to. We are our best kept secrets, when we work together, encourage and motivate one another. Just pick your company like you would fresh veggies, carefully!



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