Thursday, June 18, 2009

When did time become friendly?

Time waits for no one. Time is not on our side. Time is to be used as effectively and efficiently as it should be. None of us have time to waste. It just keeps going and going. Each second turns into a minute that translates into an hour that registers to a day, that adds up to a month that will ultimately end off another year.

What are you doing??? How many years are starting to pass you by?

When next year comes are you going to be a year younger? Are you regressing? Do you possess some special secret that allows you to sit and not fulfill the dreams you have had for yourself? When will you start? Why are you waiting for someone else to HELP YOU. Or maybe, you think that the relationship and connections that you need will just come knocking on your door without you going out and networking and marketing yourself. Maybe you feel that someone is home thinking just about you and that if an opportunity does arise, that person, who could help you get there, will have YOU on their brain without YOU following up with them, nagging them, showing them your hunger...MAYBE.

I know for a fact that time is the most precious thing that we all have. It can belong to us. It can be mastered. It is what we do with it. Do not tell me you have to go to a dead end job every single day because you have to pay bills, OK, go to that job and utilize every ounce of that place to help you get to the next step in your plan. Make a plan. Don't tell me you have to get married now because you are getting older, yet that person is a knockoff of the authentic mate you really want. Get the mate you really want, that makes you FEEL like you are sailing through galaxies blind..CRAZY LOVE. Don't tell me you have a god given talent, (sing, dance, draw, write, act) and you are not USING it! Don't tell me you don't know HOW to use it...just USE IT..ALL THE TIME...and watch the blessings come.

Sit down and map out what it is you want in your life, It is very easy. You know what you want just secure it and get it. It CAN BE DONE! Who told you it could not?

Stop pitying yourself, crying and complaining about what you do not like about the space you are in and just switch it up. It really is that simple. I promise. It can be done in a matter of a thought. Make up your mind to be where you want to be, that is it. Start your journey. I cannot stress how EASY this is.

I did not realize how easy this was until I started practicing it all the time. It is funny. When you decide to do this, you start to worry about what everyone is going to say, how they will react and how it will affect them. When those are the wrong questions to ask yourself. Change those "everyones" to how will "You" feel and the answers come so easily. Then you realize once you make that jump you wanted in your heart, you feel so free! You feel so much more alive and you can appreciate the goodness of what LIFE really is.

I hope for everyone to live their best life and be the person they want to be no matter WHAT that is. We all deserve it. Life comes and goes....every day. Make the best of your time while you still can. Be an example to the young ones around you. Smile and spend time with those who matter. Tell the ones you love..I LOVE YOU. Go out your way to make someones day. It should be your goal to be able to say at any time "There is no place else I rather be, than right in this moment, doing what I am doing now".

Practice makes perfect....He who practices often is always prepared to win. Start NOW


Fergster said...

Thank you so much for this post!
Its been a minute since I've stopped by your blog, and I came back right on time. I thank the Lord for you, the Lord is always on time! =) said...

Hey there!

Just passing through to say "Happy Father's Day" to all of the dads who visit this blog!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

Thank you guys!